Better, brainier Claire

Things have been super hectic and chaotic and busy, but good. Very good.

Today I did an interview for HackerYou and will hopefully be headed to Toronto next month to learn me some web development. It’s not much of a stretch for me really – digital reporter covering cyber security, lover of social media, online native. I’ll never not write, but maybe I won’t write for a living either. Maybe I’ll do this and be an even more valuable asset to some newsroom. Either way, it’s exciting and all happening VERY FAST.

I’ll know if I’m in soon and with that can finalize my grant application to cover some of this. Tuition, living expenses, possibly a new computer (as mine doesn’t let me right click half of the time) – and all of this without having had much time to save up. Deciding to do this and discovering that their next session was coming up in a month pushed everything into motion just over the past week or so, which is awesome, but doesn’t leave much time for prep.

I’ve done some ridiculous things and had people support me anyways (I mean, really, journalism?). If you can chip in some way – a couch to camp on, a few dollars for books and food – it would go a long way to make this crazy endeavor work. Or maybe you’ve been where I am and know it’s tough – student loans not yet unpaid but you’re back in school because man the job market blows.

Donate with PayPal

I hate to ask for donations when much more deserving people are out there with projects that will save the world, but I won’t be able to freelance much while this is going on and that’s kinda terrifying me going forward.

That said, even just a few words of encouragement or coffee shop recommendations would mean the world to me.

Who knows what else I’ll jump into these next few weeks. I’ll keep you all up to date as I find out.


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