Now, Live on Twitch

I can safely guess that I was one of the last people anyone would guess to start streaming on Twitch. I never played many video games growing up, having been told that girls don’t play video games – and having a father who wouldn’t spring for them anyhow. I was able to play some games and I enjoyed them enough but never enough to think, ‘wow, I’m going to spend hours talking to no one while broadcasting this to the world someday’.

Yet here we are.

My stream was initially meant to go every weekday between noon and five, with days off when my insomnia was bad or chores had piled up. With my classes happening now, I expect that schedule to change to 2 p.m to 5 p.m., but we’ll see. Some days I’ll be too tired. Some days I’ll skip homework and just play.

Discovering a love for video games and knowing my actions and reactions are entertainment for others makes streaming so wonderful for me. I hope I can build a small community over time, interact and chat with those interested in watching me die, some times over and over to the same mistakes, and rejoice when I nail puzzles on my first try. It’s a great experience and one I have no intention of giving up unless I have no choice, and even so, not forever.


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