Sometimes plans change

I got a wonderful haircut the otherday and I preface with that because I wish I had actually made it for Thursday, after my code assignment was due, so that I could cry into my hairdressers wash basin after I got the call letting me know the spring bootcamp was filled up.

tl;dr: HackerYou is being postponed until July.

The minor setback was definitely a disappointment but not one to derail my goals. Web development and graphic design seem to be the natural next step in my personal evolution and I’m not about to give that up because the calendar has been extended by a few months. If anything, it just rearranges a few things and adds some more breathing room in between assignments.

Speaking of which, with my grant proposal moot and my HackerYou application being delayed by a few weeks — by choice, as I study more HTML, CSS, and maybe some Java to get ahead — I’ll be able to start my graphic design course now instead of waiting until June. So instead of doing web dev > graphic design, it’ll be the otherway around and the overall end date for both courses moves from being August to September.

Not exactly the end of the world, so maybe that wash basin tear fest wasn’t actually needed.


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