All progress is good progress

Last week I officially, no take backsies, finished my graphic design course. I’m pretty happy with the pace I kept (cramming six months into about six weeks) and the final grades I got. No corners cut and nothing scored below a 90% is definitely something to be proud of.

Heady with undeserved confidence, I put out a message on Twitter looking for a designer or design firm who might be open to having me kicking around for an afternoon, to give me some insight on what I should be doing next. I’ve been lucky to have some interesting people and groups find me on the internet since making public my shifting career path, and at the beginning was asking if one day job shadowing was a normal thing in the web/graphic design industry. Turns out yeah, all creative types like to help out the next batch no matter what the official job title is.

That being said, a huge thank you to the folks at Jack Pine for enduring me. I got into their space and was able to pick a few brains for an afternoon and was given some great advice and encouragement for going forward. Whatever it is I’m doing next, I’ll be able to say by the end of this week coming – deadlines coinciding all over the place make it hard to waffle for very long on anything these days.

At least I’ve had a few days to be a bit of a vegetable this week, working at a less than breakneck speed with the home schooling and research. Still nowhere near getting a regular schedule and video game streaming has taken on the worst of that inconsistency but I’m sure it will all shake out in the end.

Heads up, this will be the last time I post to this site specifically. I’m going to start including personal updates on the new little side blog I have going on, Wisdom from Claire, where I’ll be semi-frequently posting brand and professional development stuff as well. 


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