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I’ve covered national and digital security, privacy and cyber policy from Ottawa, reporting on breaking news stories from Parliament Hill.

I’ve reported on top breaking news stories, including the Oct. 22 attacks at Parliament Hill, the subsequent pieces of anti-terror legislation and most recently the 2015 federal election. I’ve written about Canada’s policies on torture, surveillance, refugee security, and cyber defence.

gradI graduated from the University of King’s College with double honours in journalism and political science, having focused heavily on contemporary politics and digital media, and where the two meet.  In 2014, I was nominated as part of a group for that year’s CAJ Marketwired Data Journalism Award for our  investigative reporting project, Burned.

I moved to Ottawa shortly after to work as a parliamentary reporter and while I don’t call a newsroom home these days, I still get the urge to run in when breaking news headlines blink on my phone.



Bill that would ensure privacy for genetic information may fail over lack of Liberal support

Identifying privacy flaws in Harper-era legislation could take ‘years’: commissioner

Year of access to information ‘one of the most challenging of my mandate’: commissioner

International barriers frustrating cybercrime probes: RCMP

Goodale making no quick calls about online police powers

Election countdown: Who won the social media battle?

Is the Harper government expecting the courts to quash its ‘exile’ law?

C-51’s post-election fate may not be so simple: Forcese and Roach

Between refugees and C-51, security endures as a campaign concern

Drowned Syrian boy’s family did not apply for asylum: Ottawa

How parties ask for your vote but help themselves to your data

‘Anonymous’ starts slow leaking of cabinet confidences, CSE spy attempts

More than a third of Canadians condone torture, says poll

Senator Mobina Jaffer says fight over C-51 is just getting started

Senators snowed under by anti-C-51 email

‘Anonymous’ calls massive cyber-attack on feds a protest against C-51

Legitimacy of Muslim council questioned again at C-51 committee

Key legal voices blocked from C-51 committee debate

CSE watchdog proposes C-51 info-sharing changes apply to watchdogs

National Muslim group warns C-51 posturing ‘giving fodder to extremists’

C-51 critics release massive list of proposed amendments

Committee opts to study terror financing over oil, economy

NSA Chief speaks to Canadian Defence elite on cybersecurity

Initial Iraq mission could cost up to $166M: PBO

Canada all bellicosity on Ukraine, no action: Westdal

Harper’s pre-election shift: Goodbye economy, hello security

Is Iraq a combat mission? Depends on how you define ‘combat’

Canada’s torture inquiries cost PCO, CSIS more than $31.6M

CIA torture report renews attention on Canadian connection

Islamic State kidnap rumour fuels debate on Canada’s ransom policy

The new anti-terror conversation: Will Canada adopt ‘glorification legislation’?

How ISIS replaced Syria on the international security agenda

Criminal Code’s preventative arrest law has never been used

Liberal bill to heighten intelligence oversight rejected by Tories

RCMP don’t keep complete records on warrantless net subscriber data: report

New CSIS bill will protect sources, expand jurisdiction

Former privacy commissioner raises red flags on CSIS changes

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