The Year in Pandemic

What you won’t see on the resume

Lockdown has meant a lot of things to a lot of people, almost all of it bad. I have my health and a home to be safe in but my plans for graduate studies have been put on pause. I get contract work here or there but it’s not consistent enough to warrant a line in the resume. Adapting has been hard and planning for the future during this universal downtime is doubly difficult with so many of the traditional ‘gap year’ options out of the picture.

So, what is missing from the resume? I’ve been volunteering more with one of my favorite organizations the Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada while simultaneously workshopping a similarly structured initiative focused more specifically on young women’s role in determining Canada’s feminist foreign policy, both at the whitepaper stage and going forward as policy develops.

I’m taking courses online, specifically a mini/partial master’s in international law from UCLouvain. I won’t likely ever ensure someone follows the law but maybe someday I can contribute to writing them.

It’s clearly having an impact because despite absolutely not needing it, I am considering doing the LSATs. My chosen masters program’s have a heavy component on international law and I chose that for a reason – whether it’s to improve my advocacy, legislative drafting or come what may, this is an area of work I am keen to explore more. Whether or not I actually go through with it is another story.