The Year in Pandemic

What you won’t see on the resume

Lockdown has meant a lot of things to a lot of people, almost all of it bad. Lives have been entirely uprooted and that’s if you’re lucky. I have my health and a home to be safe in but my graduate school plans have been deferred. I get contract work here or there but it’s not consistent enough to warrant a line in the resume. Adapting has been hard and planning for a future admist this global downtime is double difficult with so many of the traditional ‘gap year’ options out of the picture.

So what’s missing from the resume? I’ve been volunteering more with one of my favorite organizations the Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada while simultaneously working to design a similarly structured organization focused more specifically on Canada’s feminist foreign policy and the young women who will be expected to make it a reality now at the whitepaper stage and going forward as it becomes a reality – more on this soon, I hope.

I’ve been working with small businesses, individuals and NGO’s with small budgets to get foundational research underway as they are adapting to this new reality we all face. I won’t be listing them on my resume out of respect to their needs for discretion but I knew that going in.

I’m clearly not thinking straight since despite not absolutely needing it I am considering doing the LSAT. My master’s program has a heavy component on international law and I chose that for a reason – whether it’s to improve my advocacy, legislative drafting or come what may, this is an area of policy I am keen to explore more.

Lastly has been my language learning. My French held up while I was working in Rwanda but it needs more TLC in a professional setting to be considered fluent again and yet I’m trying now anyways. My struggle has been with the ever elusive third language and that’s entirely my own fault – I start one and then change to another when I become fascinated with it, so I now have the beginnings of German and Italian slowly accumulating in the back of my mind (Spanish has been trying to break in too but I’ve been holding strong).