Welcome to my portfolio. I’m an established editor, writer, and contract web designer, among other things. 

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About Claire


Established writer and editor, contract web and graphic designer, and social media junkie, I’m a woman of many talents.

I graduated from the University of King’s College in 2014 with double honours in journalism and political science, specializing in digital media. I’ve written and edited for a number of publications, in both a full-time and freelance capacity, including: iPolitics.ca, the National Post, Daily Xtra, the Telegraph Journal and Vice.

In 2016-2017 I broadened my resume, taking up graphic and web design and development. I completed an online course through CalArts, Specialization in Graphic Design, offered through Coursera that covered art history and theory, design fundamentals including typography and colour theory, and branding – logo design, brand development, and more.


Read more about me and what I do or check out a text copy of my resume here.


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My Skills

Writer & Editor

My degree in journalism focused heavily on digital reporting, and I’ve continued to learn outside the classroom. I’m an established writer and editor, having reported from Parliament Hill as a federal politics reporter with a focus on national security. Before that, I worked as both a news and copy editor, marshalling the resources of over two dozen reporters, photographers and assistant editors.

Check out some of my past writing on Pressfolio.


Web & Graphic designer

From web design and development, I can build your business a website on Shopify (where I’m Partnered), or create you a beautiful personal portfolio on Squarespace (as a Circle designer) or WordPress.com (making the most of their free themes, such as you’re looking at now).

If you have a custom site and need tweaks done to the HTML/CSS, I can help there too. I do graphics, from social media posts to ads and beyond; brand management, from logo development to developing a style guide unique to you or your business. I have a lot to offer and a lot of my skills overlap for your convenience.

You have no excuse to look bad on the Internet in this day and age.


Social media fiend

A digital native, I was raised in the era of never putting your personal information on the internet or getting into strangers cars and growing as the world changed to where now people literally order strangers to their house so that they can get in their cars.

I’ve grown watching and learning the trends as they come – and I always will. In my capacity as a reporter, live blogging and creating web specific content came second nature. Coupled with my knowledge of analytics, my work as a social media consultant looks at the complex web of online content from a perspective most others lack.

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Contact and resumé


You can always email me at clairem.wahlen@gmail.com.
(Encryption is an option, drop me a line for details.)

My resumé can be found here.

I’m very active on Twitter at @Claire_Wahlen.

Also on Instagram.

And LinkedIn.

Do you still use a phone as a phone? Me too! Happy to give my number to anyone looking for it.

None of that work for you? Maybe use the contact field below.


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