Current Affairs

I’m doing my master’s in International Peace and Security as part of the War Studies program with King’s College London, UK, with an eye towards nuclear arms, diplomacy and the role international law has and will play in their continued existence.

My focuses are on nuclear deterrence, politics and diplomacy, arms control treaties and the role of international organizations, and so I’ve worked on and studied from the following conferences and organizations, among others: the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference; Royal United Services Institute UK PONI Nuclear Policy Workshops; the NATO German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum; ongoing participation with the Brookings Institute Nuclear Security Seminar Series; the BASIC Next Generation Forum, among other BASIC UK workshops; Women In International Security (WIIS) events, both in Canada and virtually through the WIIS International network; and other virtual events by organizations including CSIS, SIPRI, CNAS and Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy. 

I was one of three dozen participants in a seminar series hosted by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Multilateral Dialogue Vienna and Atomic Reporters that involves monthly seminars and culminates in July with several days of in-person meetings in Vienna.

I’ve been published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, Project Ploughshares, Open Canada – CIC, Women In International Security (WIIS) Canada among others. I am currently pursuing opportunities to continue writing.

I am exploring fellowships, internships and any other opportunities to further hone my expertise in international affairs, be they nuclear oriented or not.