About Claire


Summer 2021 was spent as a Peace Researcher with Project Ploughsares, contributing to several projects on drones, weapons sales from Canada and nuclear policy. I’m grateful for the time I was given to research topics from nuclear disarmament, international humanitarian law, human security, U.S.-Russia strategic stability, disarmament diplomacy and more.

My work with the United Nations in 2019 – 2020 was my first position abroad. I’m grateful to have contributed to advocacy and policy papers on access to abortion, limitations on contraceptives for teenagers, the barriers faced by teen mothers, and the impacts of high fertility on low income populations. I filled a gap in the Communications department given my history in journalism during a long hiring period, reassessing their unit’s assets and protocols for improvements. As one of the few English first language staff in the country office, I was a valuable addition to projects across every unit and gained invaluable experience from being included and relied on in more meaningful ways.

With the NATO Association of Canada, I was tasked to explore the Alliance at 70 years from 2018 – 2019. Programming was designed to go beyond the same tired topics and usual suspects to address gender security, climate change, refugees and migration, civilian-military relationships and more. As the Association’s primary contact in Ottawa, the larger part of my role was to build and sustain relationships with ambassadors and diplomats, politicians and bureaucrats including those at the Department of National Defence and Global Affairs, and civil society counterparts. I was lucky to travel, including to Berlin, Paris, Montreal and Toronto in this capacity, working to grow our association as well as our youth counterpart and partners as leaders in our respective networks.

As a parliamentary reporter with iPolitics.ca from 2014-2016, I focused heavily on National Security as well as contributing to the newsroom’s broad political coverage. I’ve had additional bylines in Open Canada, the National Post, the Telegraph Journal, the Chronicle Herald, and Vice, among others. I’ve done hits for tv and radio, for CTV and CBC.

In 2014 I graduated from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University with double honours in Journalism and Political Science, respectively. I am currently working on a MicroMasters in International Law with UCLouvain on the EdX platform. I’ve deferred my degree for another year but have hope that 2022 will be my year.

I’m a proud member, supporter and sometimes volunteer with several organizations, in particular the Women Peace and Security Network and Women in International Security – Canada.

I am English native with French (intermediate) that has dreams of learning German, although the workbooks haven’t been very helpful so far.