About Claire


Claire Wahlen, by Dan Beaudoin

I’m a program director and junior research fellow with the NATO Association of Canada.

My program work will largely focus on NATO’s 70th anniversary and coordinating celebrations and events in Canada through the NATO Association with relevant embassies, consulates and other interested groups.

I graduated from the University of King’s College with a Bachelor in Journalism (honours) and a double honour in Political Science from Dalhousie University. I did so because I truly believe journalism’s main impetus should be to increase the level of dialogue in citizens, not customers.

I’ve worked as a parliamentary reporter, covering national and digital security while at iPolitics.ca, for two and a half years. I’ve also had bylines in the National Post, the Telegraph Journal, the Chronicle Herald, Vice and more.

I’m open to volunteer and contract positions, as well as community building and leadership roles. I plan to apply for my master’s degree in the winter of 2018 in international relations, keen to study the big acronyms and their importance in the global order.

(Photo credit: Dan Clarke, website available here)