About Claire



I’m the program director for the NATO Association of Canada responsible for designing a year of content to celebrate the 70th anniversary taking place throughout 2019.

My goal is to explore the challenges facing NATO internally and externally; the former through cultural events to tie NATO member nation’s together and demonstrate that what makes us different is what makes NATO strong; the later to explore issues as they are evolving into the next great security threats: climate change, refugees and human rights, cyber and digital security, hybrid warfare, gender security, and more – this will be ahieved through partnerships with universities, museums, national advocacy groups and international guests.

I graduated from the University of King’s College with a Bachelor in Journalism (honours) and a double honour in Political Science from Dalhousie University. I did so because I truly believe journalism’s main impetus should be to increase the level of dialogue in citizens, not customers.

I am currently applying for master’s programs in Canada and Europe to explore the roles between nations and institutions, from the big acronyms to the small grossroot NGO’s, in tackling these evolving security threats.

I’ve worked as a parliamentary reporter, covering national and digital security while at iPolitics.ca, for two and a half years. I’ve also had bylines in the National Post, the Telegraph Journal, the Chronicle Herald, Vice and more.

I’m open to volunteer and contract positions, as well as community building and leadership roles.